Air Commandos

Air commandos use transportation from the CV-22 OSPREY to the ATV. They use night vision goggles and GPS's. Their main use of weapons include M9 pistols, M4 carbines, and occasionally a RPG. Air commandos can also order airstrikes so that U.S. planes can drop bombs on enemy bases. Air commandos perform Para rescues to save troops and seize and set up airfields. They often worked with special operations including Navy SEALs Army Green Berets.

Marine Force Recon

When the U.S.A. was hunting terrorists in Afghanistan, the Marine Force Recon was key in eliminating the terrorists. They set up roadblocks to stop enemies from leaving the city, they patrol villages/towns in search for enemy weapon stashes. The Marine Force Recon were the elite special forces in Afghanistan their actions often so secret that no one even knows they were there. Their three duties are reconnaissance, attack, and special independent missions.




We have lots of cool weapons and gear for example RPG's. Also a while ago there were Special Operations Marines in Afghanistan trying to get the terrorists there. AFSOC is a very important part of the Special Operations. They do special missions with the Air Force and go behind enemy lines. As you can see the Special Operations is really cool.