Kait and Lys DIY

20% Project

Impact this topic has had on myself and others

This project has impacted me personally because it has taught me so many new things about hair, nails, and a variety of projects. I have taken the time to learn things I have always wanted to do or create. This project also will allow others to do the same by looking at our website and creating their own projects. Those who look at our website or pinterest page can learn new ideas and create projects they have always wanted to learn too. This is a learning tool for the public.

Information about Kait and Lys DIY

We have created a website which includes many ideas for teens. The topics we focus on are hair, crafts, food, and nails. We have four different types of DIY categories in hopes that anyone who visits our website can find at least one type that they're interested in and will keep up with the new projects that get posted.

Why did I choose to do this project?

I chose to do this project because I love to be creative. Making a website and Pinterest project was a way that I could share what I create with others. I wanted to do a project where I could influence the community as well as do something I enjoy at the same time. By doing it this way, it doesn't feel like a project, it feels more like a hobby and an enjoyment.

Promoting our website

To get the word out about our website and our ideas, we plan to post links to our Pinterest page and website on our personal social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram. By doing this, we believe that people will notice this and at least check it out and see what it is all about. Once people see the progress and all the different types of things we have on our website, they will want to try out these fun crafts, foods, nail, and hair ideas.