Rolling Plains

By Will and Paycos

Biotic Factors

Plants-Willow, Plains Cottonwood, Redberry Juniper, Honey Misquite

Animals-Rattlesnake, Deer, Geese, Rats

Endangered Species-Black-Footed Ferret, Black-Tailed Prarie Dog

Abiotic Factors

Elevation-100ft to 4000ft

Average rainfall-22 to 30" per year

Average temp.- 60 to 64 degrees

Important landmarks

Caprock escarpment, balconese escarpment, palo duro canyon, Prarie dog town fork, red river, blanco canyon, white river, Canadian river

Important cities

San Angelo Abilene Whichita Falls

Paycos's Animal


Lives in- grasslands, scrub oak- juniper forest, thorn shrub

Niche- to eat rodents and other small animals

Roll in the food chain- primary/secondary consumer

Will's animal


Lives in- meadows, forested wood lots, brushy areas

Niche- to eat plants such as grass

Roll in the food chain- primary consumer