Party with Gatsby

By: Ashlynn Cook

It's time to party!

If you are looking for a fun time, a place to drink, or find someone new or just for the night, go to Mr. Gatsby's parties this summer. Off by the coast on west egg you will find a large and beautiful red house Belonging to the mysterious Jay Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby hosts parties like no other. A full bar, live orchestra, and an abundance of food are just a few things you will have waiting for you. Everyone that comes to one of Mr. Gatsby's always leaves with a smile on his face and a new friend. Everyone is allowed to come no matter who you are, no invitation is necessary. Mr. Gatsby's parties are known for helping depressed wives find another someone special and for tired men to pick up someone for the night.

The regulars:

Nick Caraway

Jordan Baker

Mr. Mumble

Ms. Lucille

Who is Gatsby?

No one really knows who Gatsby is but some rumors going around say:

He was a German spy

He killed a man

He was an American soldier