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Athletic Calendar (September 25th - September 30th )

Monday, September 25th

HS Volleyball @ Pecatonica (JV 6:00pm / Varsity 7:15pm)

Tuesday, September 26th

MS Football @ Brodhead (7th grade = 4:00pm & 8th grade = 5:15pm)

Thursday, September 28th

MS Cross Country @ Monroe (Twining Park, Monroe. 425 14th Ave, Monroe, WI 53566)

*6/7 Girls Race = 4:15pm

*6/7 Boys Race = 4:40pm

*8th Grade Girls Race = 5:00pm

*8th Grade Boys Race = 5:25pm

HS Volleyball @ Barneveld (JV 6:00pm / Varsity 7:15pm)

Friday, September 29th

Varsity Football (HOME) vs. Fennimore HS 7:00pm

Saturday, September 30th

MS/HS CC @ Platteville (UWP Veterans Park, Platteville, WI)

Schedule of Events:

8:00 Boys MS Race

8:20 Girls MS Race

9:00 Boys Varsity Race

9:40 Girls Varsity Race

10:20 Boys Jr. Varsity Race

11:00 Girls Jr. Varsity Race

11:40 Open Race for ANYONE (5k)

12:15 Awards

HS JV VB @ New Glarus Tournament (JV Only) 9:00am

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All participants are expected to attend every game/event and practice session. Coaches/Advisors may deal with absences in a way that has been established and is appropriate.

1. Participants must be in school by 10:00 am in order to compete or practice on that day, with the following exceptions.

a) School-approved function (i.e. field trip, etc.)

b) Funerals, college visits, and other pre-approved absences, if approved in accordance with

school policy.

c) Appointment Exemption (i.e. doctor or dentist appointment, driver’s test, etc.)

Students cannot participate in the contest or practice on that date unless they have a written excuse from the office of their appointment. No administrator, coach, or advisor can grant a student permission to participate under any circumstances without a note from physician/proctor/secretary.

The time excused from school is limited to the appointment as well as travel time to and from an appointment. Any additional time will be treated as unexcused, and would make student ineligible for that date. Anything after 10:00 am would be considered unexcused (excluding the exceptions listed above) and the athlete would be ineligible for any practice or competition on that day.

2. Students who are absent from one or more periods the day of a contest or practice because of illness cannot participate in the contest or practice on that date.

3. Students serving suspensions (in-school or out-of-school) will not be allowed to participate or attend practices and/or events on that date. If a detention needs to be served after school, the student will be excused from practice for that amount of time. At any time, if a teacher needs to meet with a student, the student will be excused from the extra-curricular activity. On days when school is closed early and students are sent home because of bad weather, practices will automatically be canceled and participants are to go home with the other students.

Albany Weight Room

Albany Weight Room Opportunities (MS & HS Students)

The Albany weight room is open with supervision provided for MS/HS students after school on the following days of the week:

Monday's ~ 3:30-4:30pm

Tuesday's ~ 3:30-4:30pm

Wednesday's ~ 4:00-5:00pm

Thursday's ~ 3:30-4:30pm

Friday's ~ 3:30-4:30pm

SSM Health Monroe Clinic & Albany School District Athletic Partnership

Albany Athletic Trainer Partnership

SSM Health of the Monroe Clinic & the Albany School District are proud of their athletic trainer to student-athlete partnership. This partnership has existed for many years, but recently it has changed the process for student-athletes to be evaluated. The new process makes communication between all parties much easier and fluid for follow-up opportunities.

Any Albany MS/HS student-athlete that participates in Albany School District sponsored athletic programs, that would like to be seen by the Monroe Clinic athletic trainer due to an injury can follow this process:

1) Complete the very short & simple form on this link:

(This form can be filled out by the student-athlete, coach or parent/guardian)

2) The Monroe Clinic athletic trainer will receive the message that a visit is requested by an Albany student-athlete. The athletic trainer will visit Albany Schools within the week that the form is completed. Requested visits will take place during the school day at an appropriate time in the student-athlete's academic schedule and the student-athlete will be evaluated by the Monroe Clinic athletic trainer. Follow up with the student-athlete and parents/guardians will take place in the following days.

This opportunity is FREE of charge and DOESN'T require any health insurance obligations. This opportunity is due to the partnership and positive relationships that the Albany School District has formed with SSM Health of the Monroe Clinic.

Please contact (Albany AD) Mr. Derik Doescher if you have any questions.