Small Summary of Book

This book was about an 11 year old girl named Franny Chapman facing the threat of a nuclear war. The book takes place in 1962 in the Cuban Missile Crisis. the whole country is leaving in fear of Cuba,Russia, and their nuclear weapons.

Franny lives in Washington,D.C. and often wonders if she will still be alive the next day. She lives with her uncle that believes that America will have no future. During the book Franny talks about her life during the cold war.

I thought this book was very good and I recommend this book for anyone who loves to read and this book may also be on the list of my top 10 favorite books. I give this book a four and a half star rating.

News Artical

A woman named Sae Young gets robbed at her laundromat that she has had for many years. The burglar was not armed but he did demand the money and then he kicked her to the ground. He kicked her a second time then she was knocked into the wall and left alone unconscious for hours and then found by her employee that morning. We recommend that you lock your doors and keep your self safe.


This is an invitation to a party that celebrates that we did not get blown up in the cold war. We are inviting: Franny Chapman, Uncle Otts, and Drew Chapman. The party is being held at 2048 Wood Creek Ave. It is on May 14th at 6:30 pm. you should come it will be great