By Allison Walter

Background Information

  • The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince
  • Four major cities in Haiti are Carrefour, Delmas, Pétionville, and Port-de-Paix
  • Haiti was controlled earlier by France by gained independence on January 1st in 1804
  • It is no longer controlled by any countries
  • The official language of Haiti is French
  • The flag has the top half of it colored blue and the bottom colored red, and there is a symbol in the middle (right)

Geographical Features

  • Haiti is a country in North America
  • Three physical features are - Caribbean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and the Noires Mountains

Political Information

  • The type of government in Haiti is a republic
  • The leader of Haiti is Michel Martelly

Economic Information

  • The currency in Haiti is Hatian gourde (right)
  • Socialism is the economic system in Haiti

Tourist Information

  • People should visi Haiti because rehear are many fun things to do and see there
  • Tourists can take their children to visit Buccaneers Children's Park while they take a dip in the relaxing crystal waters in Labadee