Cat Eye Syndrome

By Mickey Durham

Causes of Cat Eye Syndrome, Prenatal test

The cause of this chromosome abnormality is caused by a cell having at least one small extra chromosome made from the genetic material of chromosome 22. Getting a prenatal test for this syndrome is a very rare sighting in deed. Chromosome 22 is affected by this.

Symptoms and Population

Skeletal abnormalities

Widely spaced eyes

Hearing loss

Outside corners of the eyes point down


There isn't a real know population because anybody could get the disease. But it is a very unlikely chance to get it because some researchers say that you have a one in 50,000 - one in 150,000 chance to get this disease.

Candidate and Inheritance

Anybody can be a candidate for this disease as long as your parents have a cell with it weather recessive or dominant you still have a chance at getting cat eye syndrome.

This disease is inherited through a sex cell called Gonadal. Cat eye syndrome is also autosomal recessive.

Medical assistance and long term outlook

The only type of medical assistance this child will need is a doctor, at this point there is nothing else anybody can do for the child besides love him/her like they are just a normal child.

The child will just have to except the fact that one of there eyes looks a lot better than anybody else's eye and that there children may have the possibility of getting the disease too.

Treatments and prevention

Treatments depend on the phenotype of the parents, as well as the severity of the symptoms the child has. You can go to the doctor and see if that will help but don't count on it.

There is really no way to prevent this disease. You can't mess with the genetics. Bottom line is that you can't prevent this disorder you'll just have to live with it.


This individual can have children later and if they marry a person with cat eye syndrome . There children may or may not have this disorder it all depends on the parents and the genetics.

Research and new cures

Researchers are working as hard as they can to fix this disorder. Currently, they are aiming to examine emotional adjustment, there memory, and the brain structure. As of right now there is no new cure as I mentioned earlier.