Animal Treatment

How animals are treatment

There are many mean and bad people but some are nice people. Animals should be in the wild and should not be treated bad on places. People take animals in places so they could get money from people but if the animals don't do it right the animals get abused with different kinds of hooks . There are a lot of animals got hit by people and its very important to learn about it .

Animals treatment on Circus

According to BornFreeUSA , Animals are treated bad on circus. People are realizing the truth of big top. On circus some animals are from the wild and they might be sick most kids let there parents touch sick animals . People who work at circuses they put wild animals in cages and they don't have to be there they have to be free. Some of the animals know how bad different animals are hurt.

According to CAPS, In the circus wild animals are confined to travel trucks or trains for 300 days of each year. Some people are coming more for they could see wild animals that been treated badly for they could make fun of the animals.


According to CAPSTIVE,Some of the zoos close because some animals into the wild and send to sanctuaries.Emperors in China, India and northern Africa set up huge zoos to show they are rich they are. Many large zoos are owned and operated by local goverments.

Animals understand why circuses are bad for animals but what zoos?According to PETA, They keep wild aimals captivity, exotic animals retain all there natural instincs .Traveling zoos and petting zoos are bad news for animals and humans . Many people aren't aware of the cruelty behind zoos.

Wild animals

According to CAPS, we believe that wild animals in zoos suffer physically and mentally as their complex social, behavioral and physically need cannot be ment in unnatural mandate environments. Wild animals have been dying because some are not have been eating or drinking water.

According to Animals Facts, There are over tree thousand endanger species in the world . Animals are at a risk of extinction and will des appear from the face of the earth if conservation efforts to protect them are not taken.

Wild animals conservation

According to Nation Wildlife, Only by understanding how species related to each other and their environment can we hope to properly protect wildlife . Wildlife conversation is the practice of protecting wild plant and animals species and their habitat.