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This term we will be looking at some key events from history and learning more about the Industrial Revolution. It was a time of great advancements, inventions and transition to new manufacturing processes and business practices. Our Statement of Inquiry for this unit is:

Modernisation through innovation and revolution changes individuals and societies.

This will guide our inquiry and enable us to answer these important questions:

  • What is industrialisation?
  • What were the positive and negative aspects of the Industrial Revolution?

  • How do lives change as a result of revolution?
  • Why do countries industrialise at different rates?

  • Did industrialisation make the world a better place?
  • Is industrialisation sustainable?

What kind of assessments will students have this term?

Both of our assessment tasks relate to the impact that moderation has on individuals and society. Task 1 is a source analysis on the working conditions of children during the Industrial Revolution and Task 2 Students will focus on two related concepts - Innovation & Revolution and Causality. They will have an option of different questions and can present their information in a variety of ways. An example question is: What effects does industrialisation have on the environment?

I will provide more information on these tasks before we begin them.
Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course World History #32