Plans to Stop an asteroid.

The Plans

Their Are thousands of plans thought of by multiple organizations to deflect asteroids theses are 3 past plans that we considered:

1. The Nuclear Plan

One of the most famous plans for stopping an asteroid is to launch a nuclear bomb at it and detonate a warhead near the asteroid. This will cause the asteroid to move off its path to earth. The only two problems with this plan are that one for bigger asteroid we might not have enough force to move it and two the object it is revolving around might force it back to its original orbit since we just didn't change the gravity the two objects exert at each other. These plan needs to take place atleast 3 months before so that we take minimal damage.

2. Kinetic missiles

Another Idea is to send a much slower object but at a faster speed since it moving at a faster speed it will reach the asteroid much faster. These missiles are much more easier to manufacture and thus can be sent more constantly which will keep it in place. The thing is that we are trying to hit the asteroid directly and if we miss calculate and hit a weaker spot on the asteroid it may break apart into smaller pieces. This plan also needs to be executed along time before the the collision since a bunch of missiles need to hit the asteroid to cause a significant difference in the time it reaches us.

3.Solar sails

A very unknown but still very effective idea. The idea is to land a solar sail on top of the asteroid on a certain spot. The sails will be hit by solar winds from the sun and push back the asteroid. At first thought you might think it causes a small difference but if at the right place at the right time it can significantly push the asteroid. This plan has no effect on earth and cant destroy the asteroid into several pieces. This needs to be launched when the asteroid is near earth where solar winds are stronger