Life in the Library

May 2016

Thank you, Kate Klise!

We had a FANTASTIC time with our guest author Kate Klise on May 3rd. She was engaging and enthusiastic; the students and staff loved her. She shared her books, writing tips and had volunteers help create stories using her techniques. You can see all of the photos from her visit at Thank you to our PTO for helping to fund her visit! We are so lucky to be able to provide our students with opportunities like this!

Library Happenings

We spent a lot of time in the end of April preparing for Kate Klise's visit. After reading a selection of her picture and chapter books, each grade level made something "regarding" one of her stories. Some grades made their own haunted house for sale ads, others decorated fountains, created a hat, wrote letters and newspaper articles or even filled out circus applications! Can you figure out which books went with which project? :) Ms. Klise really appreciated their efforts seeing all of their work on display.

This month is all about final units in library and integrating technology as we wrap up the last marking period. Sixth graders are moving from their library practice research project to the sixth grade assessment. Using the skills we have been practicing all year, they know how to write research questions, find appropriate print and online resources and take efficient and correct notes. We are tweaking our Power Points, along with using Noodle Tools, the online citation maker, before presenting our library projects in small groups. We also are going over a research process rubric used for the sixth grade assessment. Now we are back to our read aloud novel, The Sixth Grade Nickname Game as well!

Fifth graders are working on their class research projects in library as well. Mrs. Gallagher's class has learned to use online encyclopedias and selected websites for their solar system research. We are piggy-backing on Mr. Kohlmayer's "under the sea" and Mrs. Boylan's author research by tying in key skills such as copyright, note-taking and citing sources. This is 5th graders first introduction to Noodle Tools. We are back to our novel, Flora and Ulysses, which has great use of comic-style panels and language. We'll be creating our own online comics before the year ends!

Fourth graders are wrapping up some research in library. They have been finishing up their Power Point presentations (animals for Mrs. D and Mrs. Handfinger's classes, states for Mr. Beal and environment for Mrs. Edwards), learning about using pictures and transitions. We also kept track of our sources and saw how to import a citation from the online encylopedias and Destiny, our online catalog. Crenshaw is our read aloud and we are loving being able to have more time to read it!

In third grade, students are continuing to learn about fiction and nonfiction genres. We played a genre scavenger hunt after doing a quick study of letter writing to go with Kate Klise's books. We will use our read aloud, Toys Go Out, to work on personification and create some multimedia projects based on the story.

After reading so many of Jon Scieszka's fractured fairy tales, it made sense to share one of his Time Warp Trio chapter books with second graders! We are loving Knights of the Kitchen Table so far; it is laugh-out-loud funny! We are doing various activities with each chapter, including character assessments and making our own family coat of arms! We will check out the Time Warp Trio website soon, too. You can even find animated tv shows based on the book if you search You Tube!

First graders are reviewing some important book concepts, such as fiction vs. nonfiction and parts of a book (title, table of contents, etc.). To do so, we started reading a Tiny Tales Humphrey story called Humphrey's Really Wheely Racing Day. This easier to read series introduces younger readers to the famous hamster (his other books are great for read aloud or slightly older independent readers). We have designed a hamster race car and will be continuing to do activities with the book.

Our last kindergarten unit focuses on crayons! We have a variety of stories to share, including Red and Frankencrayon by Michael Hall, and of course, The Day the Crayons Quit. We are tying in some lessons about color and individuality too!

Save the Date!

We are having a Barnes and Noble Book Fair at the Oxford Valley location. It will be held on May 17th from 6:00-8:00 pm. Come and see your favorite Churchville teachers share their favorite books! Check out the latest and greatest selection for all ages. Head upstairs to the Maker Space area and try your hand at some cool creations! Be sure to be part of the Design a Frappucino contest too for a chance to name one (and get one for free)! Look for the flyer coming home and online. Can't attend? You can shop online and still help our school library earn a profit. Thanks as always for your support!
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The last day to check out books will be Thursday, May 19th. We are asking that books be returned the following Friday. This will allow us time to reshelve and restock books, as well as find missing/unreturned items. Thank you in advance for your help!