Kodak Hand Camera

Invented By: George Eastman

Why should you get this camera?

Would you like to document cool things that happen in your life? Now you can using the very first Camera ever created the Kodak Hand Camera.

Who will be using this?

Everyone will soon be using this camera to take pictures of tons of things such as themselves, them with friends, nature and many more things as well.

What is this camera?

This camera is the first of its time made to capture photos. The Kodak Hand Camera will also allow you to take pictures in never before seen quality. This camera is also sold with 100 exposures for picture taking, sight seeing, and having fun!
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Where can you use this camera?

You can use this camera almost anywhere you go making this a very easy way to document your life and what you do.


One benefit of using this camera is having photos to remember a special event or a happy time in life. Another benefit of using this camera is bringing happiness to you after you take a good picture.


"I Luke Jackson swear that you will love the very first camera ever capturing pictures in never seen quality. I my self love this camera and will give you your money back personally if you do not like this camera."