The Den Zooquarium

Atlanta, Georgia

Go Different.

The Den Zooquarium is one of a kind with a two in one combo of a Zoo and Aquarium. Parents are able to treat their kids to an exciting day with numerous types of exotic land and sea creatures all under the same facility.

Go Green.

We do everything we can for all the creature that inhabit this earth. The Den has begun the switch over to solar energy to protect the environment and the future and for efficiency. The park is also encourages recycling, and healthier food choices. Throughout The Den each trash can as been replaced with a recycling bin. We also offer organic foods instead of the typical burger and fries.

Make Sure To Visit

Come to The Den!

Park Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 10 am-6 pm

Friday- Sunday: 9 am- 8 pm

Ticket Prices at the Gate:

Children 3 and under: Free

Ages 4-11: $35

Ages 12-17: $40

Adults: $45