Oil Spill

2009 B.P. Oil Spill By : Ethan and Skylar

Should we be concerned/woried?

Yes we should be worried because all of these animals can die and still might be hurt or not very well even though all of the doctors are trying their best, also another reason we should be worried is because think of all those animals that live in the sea that have died by the spill.

How did we approach the problem?

We approached the problem by making bigger shapes to try and find how many miles the are.

Area of Oil spill

The total area of the oil spill we got was 448 miles squared.

Is our measurement the exact?

No, our measurement is not the exact measurement because we did not fill every single spot of the fill.

How accurate do you think your polygons compare to the actual spill area? Do you expect your answers to be more or less than the actual spill?

I think they are close to be actuate, otherwise I do not expect them to be the exact same I do expect it to be a little less.