Solving Equations Review

Mrs. Biddle's 8th Grade PreAlgebra

Lesson Objectives

You will review and practice solving various types of equations.


90 minutes


[2 min]

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Tuesday, May 17, 5:30-7:30 pm

Thursday, May 19 5:30-7:30 pm

8th Grade Introduction


[20 minutes]

1. Watch the videos

2. Take notes and write down the examples. Pause the videos as needed.

3. Complete 8th Grade IXL Topic U.10 Mixed Equation Review

8th Grade Solving Equations 1
8th Grade Solving Equations 2
8th Grade Solving Equations 3
8th Grade Solving Equations 4


[30-45 minutes]


[20 min]

You will be assessed based on the SmartScore on 8th Grade IXL Topic U.10 (a minimum of 90). Additionally, points will be given based on the neatness and completeness of your notes in your notebook. Finally, you will be given a quiz in class to verify you understand how to solve equations.


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