Night Terrors

Sleep Disorders

What Are They?

Night Terrors are a type of sleep disorder that is similar to a nightmare but have more severe symptoms, rare after adolescence, and are usually not remembered when the person wakes up. They affect about 17% of children between the ages 3 and 7.

Why Do They Occur?

There are lot's of reasons people may experience night terrors. Stress and anxiety are a main factor in adults who have night terrors. Emotional tension, substance abuse, sleep deprivation, and genetics are all other factors that commonly lead to night terrors.

What Happens?

There are several symptoms that can be seen in people who have sleep disorders. Most common are thrashing, screaming, increase in heart rate, increase in breathing rate, sweat, and over-exhaustion the next morning. Most adults are not aware if they have night terrors because people often do not have any recollection of them the next morning. In more severe cases, people experiencing night terrors may sit up, talk, hit, and even sleep-walk.

How Can They be Treated?

Doctors have made advancements to cure sleep disorders including night terrors. Simple home remedies such as creating a bedtime and wake-up schedule, eliminating sleep disruptions, and reducing stress have all been helpful in night terror cases. Sometimes therapy and counseling can help as well. Medication is used as a last resort to treat night terrors due to the side effects drugs may have on people. Antidepressants such as Klonopin and Valium may be prescribed in severe cases.

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