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What is a database?

An organized collection of information that may or may not be stored in a computer.
2 - What is a Database

Examples of a Database

How do Databases Work?

A Database has Four Main Parts:

  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Queries
  • Reports
Access 2010: Introduction to Objects

Advantages of Databases

  • Enter Information
  • Store Large Amounts of Information
  • Find Information Quickly
  • Organize Information in Different Ways
  • Update Information

Database Management Programs

  1. Flat-file Database
  2. Relational Database
  3. Object-Oriented Database
  4. Multimedia Database

Well designed databases ensures data security, Preserve data integrity, and avoid data redundancy. Research the different types of databases listed above to learn more about them.

Using the Library Databases

Now that you know about databases, let’s see how well you can search for a topic using our Library databases.

Click on the link below and watch the video titled “Common Database Features”

Common Database Features

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