Huge Fight Just out Side of School

By: Zac Rickwood

These events are crazy!

People say that Bobby Brinkman just ran up to Sam Madina and punched him in the nose! Jake turned around to help Sam up. witnesses said that bobby blocked there path and sent Sam running home. Bobby then belted out comments against Sams religion. It was at this moment when Jake's fist connected with Bobby's jaw. Jake then tackled him and hit him again. This fight continues for two minuets then finally Jake lands his knee between Bobby's legs. The fight is over.

Interview with Bobby

Q: What was your motive?

A: I think sam was out of line coming to our country in the first place, and i think they were part of the attacks!

Q: Do you think Jake was out of line attacking you?

A: Yeah completely,he shouldn't have sided with sam.

Q:Would you say you won the fight?

A: I may have looked hurt but trust me, I was fine.