Kiwi are small, flightless birds from New Zealand. They are more like a mammal than a bird, and are often considered honorary mammals. Kiwi are nocturnal (awake in the evening), have feathers like fur, and a long beak with nostrils on the end.
The Kiwi is believed to be around 8 million years old. They are nearly blind and eat mainly worms. Although, it is no bigger than a chicken, it lays eggs half its size.
Although you cannot "own" a Kiwi in your backyard, you can "adopt" one. You sign up to care for one, name it, and send money yearly to help care for the bird. In return, you get pictures of the animal and other information throughout the year.
The Kiwi are endangered, as they are used as a food source to other animals, 27 are eaten daily by other animals. The usage of this bird is a food source for other animals, and in some cases a form of entertainment in zoos.
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