Community Activities

Working Together is Better

Join Mrs. Voeglie's Class as we create a community for the Pilgrims!

This project will consist of several sessions using Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and of course Communication.

Throughout the entire day on Tuesday, November 24th the children will have a cross-curricular activity including reading, math, social studies, and writing.

  • The students will be choosing what supplies and how many they will need for a period of 8 months as they travel and set up their new community using a budget of $500.
  • The children will identify the three most important supplies, in their opinion. They will be choosing a site from four possibilities and explaining why they chose that particular site.
  • Finally, the teams will then put ten tasks in order of importance of things they will accomplish in their new community.

Exciting items that we will be working on are shown below!

Guaranteed to be engaging, exciting, and a great learning opportunity!

Why Are We Doing This?

The children will be examining what components are important to consider when developing a community. How parts impact the whole and what tasks are necessary to sustain a community.