A Changing Society, A Modern World

by Wyatt Monhollon

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

  • On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a devastating attack on Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
  • All 8 American battle ships were damaged with 4 being sunk along with 188 combat planes being destroyed. 2,403 Americans would lose their lives that day.

World War II

  • After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United states declared war on Japan and the Axis powers.
  • The Governor, at the time, ordered that bridges, telephone lines, and any other enemy targets for war be protected at all costs.

WWII Veterans from Kansas

The War Economy

  • With most of the men over seas fighting the war, it somewhat helped get rid of the Great Depression. This opened up a lot of job opportunities for women.
  • Farmers also grew wheat, corn, soybeans, potatoes, peas, beans, and peanuts to help with the war effort, so they benefited, too. Rosie the Riveter was propaganda to hire women for jobs usually for men.

Winning the War at Home

  • War bonds were encouraged to sell by the government for the money to support the armies.
  • Clothing changed because more clothing meant more money to spend, so clothing companies stared making clothes with less fabric so more of it could be used for soldiers. This meant shorter skirts for women.