Leadership and Leaders

By Maddie

Leadership Qualities

Many different qualities can make up a leader. Not all leaders will have every single trait, but most have unique mixes of characteristics. Good leaders are usually thought of as passionate and and confident, but there are other traits that make up good leaders. Examples of these traits are empathy, optimism, commitment, altruism, eloquence, and so much more. With a mix of these qualities, leaders can guide people and take charge. After all, a leader must leader by example, not words.

All three men above are or were leaders

Me as a Leader

My personality is INTJ (introvert, intuitive, thinking, judging) so am more of a follower than a leader, but as a leader, I lead in a participative/democratic way. Since I am more introverted, I rely on impute from my group to make decisions and intuition guides my choices. I prefer rational impute over choices based of feelings.