ISIS and The Attack on The Yazidis

by Bobby Manheim

The Story

For centuries, the members of the Yazidi tribe in Iraq have been a hated and unwanted tribe by many believers of Islam. After surviving multiple genocides, they finally were able to find peace, though still being attacked by many small muslim extremist groups. Since ISIS has become a major threat to the middle east, those old ways seem to be quickly returning. Back in august of 2014, ISIS militants attacked the Yazidis in Sinjar, killing 3,000 civilians, and kidnapping more than 5,000, most being women and children. Since then, ISIS has been using their Yazadi prisoners as slaves.


This story helps bring light to just how terrible ISIS's attacks are, and the effect this group is having on the middle east. Countries need to come together, and try to unify in order to bring a end to the terrible acts these extremists are committing.

This Issue Matters to Many People.

"Stop wearing black," he urged the gathered women. "The black clothes will only remind us of the destruction of our villages and all the bad things that happened to us." - Yazidi Patriarch

Questions Still Remain

What influence do the Yazidi people have on Israel that would make ISIS want to attack them?

What is being done by other countries to end these terrible acts?

Will the Yazidis eventually fight back, or continue to flee from their homeland?

Bobby Manheim

This issue is a very important topic in the world right now. Attacks on a weaker, and less powerful group of people just be illegal itself, but they go ahead and enslave women and children. This is a violation of human rights, and is a disgusting act by ISIS.