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Week 2

From the Counselor's Office

Miss Mundell - School Counselor 4-5

Mrs. Monticelli - School Counselor 6-8

Mrs. Wagner - School Counselor 9-12

Mrs. Garabrandt - School Counselor 9-12

Mrs. Fox - Social Worker

Mrs. Alyssa - Clinical Mental Health Therapist

Mrs. Urban - Clinical Mental Health Therapist

Each week we will provide information on various social/emotional, academic, and career topics and tips to help our students from afar!

You always have the choice to be HAPPY - learn to understand the bumps in the road - GROW from them - and STAY POSITIVE.

Personality Affects Career Choice

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From Claymont's Social Worker

Increased risk of child abuse/neglect and domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is a heightened risk of child abuse/neglect and domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic with students not being able to attend school which for many is their safe place. They are nurtured, loved, and are fed at least two meals a day at school. School officials is the Nation’s biggest group of reporters of child abuse and neglect as well as domestic violence. The majority of abusers are family members and now we have children isolated and with their potential abuser(s) 24 hours a day.

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, school officials report 1 in every 5 suspected child abuse cases in the nation. According to the National Parent Helpline for families in crisi, calls have spiked 30% in the past week.

Risk factors for child abuse/neglect include: parental stress, economic instability, and housing insecuity. Anxious parents and children are stuck at home with their abusers. Parents are more stressed during this pandemic because they may still have to report to work and have no child care or can not afford it; therefore, children are left at home by themselves. Parents are losing their jobs and can’t afford rent or to feed their families and children.

Help and resources:

-Video chat or phone calls with parents and kids who are isolated or struggling.

-Parents: Do not expose your children to crisis, crisis, crisis. What they hear is, “Oh my God, am I gonna die?”

-Parents, take a minute and take a break. Step out on the porch for a few minutes if that is your only option. Fear and frustration will lead to poor choices that can endanger yourself and your children.

-Parents need to be more flexible on things. You don’t always have to have everything scheduled. Do this without feeling guilt.

-If the child and/or family is receiving mental health services, it is important to keep those appointments. Mental health agencies are set up to provide services through Telehealth (which is Hippa compliant).

If you suspect child abuse, please contact your local law enforcement or call Tuscarawas County JFS at 330-339-7791.

Domestic Violence 24 hour crisis line: 330-364-1374