The volvox has 2 flagella so it can move, the flagella rolls the volvox threw the water. These spherical balls are like plants and do photosynthesis. To make more of it self they create sister colonies.
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Volvox Globator


These protists move by shifting there cytoplasm in to feet like objects, these are called pseudopodia. These have a nucleus that hold DNA. They also slip it self in half to reproduce.
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Amoeba in motion


These protists are unicellular. They have flagellum in the front(only 1). Th euglena gets it's food by photosynthesis and getting nutrients. They are asexual( splits into 2). They have an eye spot that spots light.
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Euglena - Flagellum movement in phase contrast


The paramecium are unicellular. They are eaten by amoeba. Uses cillia to sweep up it's food. Cillia also helps them move to other places. There organs inside divide up inside. They respond to the environment by using all there cillia at once.
How a Paramecium Eats!
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