The Environment

Cleaning Up trash

What I see

When I go outside I see a lot of trash bags of chips and water bottles all over the streets, and yards. I see numerous of people throw them out from their cars, to the street. I see this constently around my neighborhood.
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Recycling and Cleaning up helps the Earth.

By recycling and cleaning up trash we can help the world, all around. When we go outside we see trash on the streets and everywhere on the ground. Most people just throw their trash on the ground instead of to the trash. Nobody really notices what they are doing or causing to the environment, just by not throwing their trash away properly. For example as years go by, we human begins keep on throwing trash everywhere unconcerned that we run at risk to make our ozone layer thinner each year.

Picking up The trash

Picking up the trash will help the environment be better. " $11.5 billion is spent every year to clean up litter". It costs a lot to pick up what other people throw out. It also hurts the ocean because trash eventually ends up in there when it is not thrown away properly. "9 billion tons of litter ends up in the ocean every year."
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A lot of dumpsters are set up in many places. It does not cost anything too just throw away your trash. Almost everywhere you go you see dumpsters or recycling bins.