Building Project Update #1

September 18, 2019

Changes for Upper Adams School District

Dear parents and guardians,

As I'm sure you are aware, the Upper Adams School District is moving forward with consolidating the Arendtsville and Bendersville Elementary Schools. After years of discussion and deliberation, the time has finally arrived! Within the next week, contractors will begin to break ground. To help keep you informed throughout the building process, I will periodically send out a brief newsletter describing each stage of development. This will be delivered to you through your email.

Student Meeting

On Wednesday, September 18th, I met with all of the students to share some information about what to expect this year. Here are the key points that were shared:

1. September 24th: ground breaking - small group for a photo opportunity

2. September- June: construction of a new gym and an additional wing

3. June - August: renovation of offices, nurse, cafeteria, kitchen

4. Photos were shown of where the wing and gym would be located (see below).

5. We discussed the importance of maintaining a strong sense of focus in the midst of this

process. We are all excited but we must continue working hard and learning throughout the


There were many questions at the conclusion! We were able to answer nearly all of them within the timeframe of this meeting. If there are any further questions, please feel free to email me.

During the school year, your child will need to be extremely flexible. Schedules may change, or we may need to adjust where we eat lunch at the end of the year, etc..

Fencing will soon be going up around the grounds. This fencing will designate areas that are off-limits to students and staff. All students must stay off of the equipment and out of the fenced-in area. If you live in the immediate vicinity, please stress the importance of following this rule.


When we all come together, we will no longer be Apaches or Bulldogs. We will be Canners! Our new proposed name will be the Upper Adams Intermediate School.
Big picture

Upper Adams Intermediate School Completed Project