MVHS Spartan Pride Week


Hello MVHS student body!!! :)

October 22nd to October 26th is our "Spartan Pride Week", to make up for all the awesome stuff we didn't have the chance to do because we had our Homecoming dance/football game a lot earlier this year.

Check here for Spirit Days (days where you can dress up and get Sparta Cup* points/look awesome), lunch time activities, Spartan Pride parade or picnic info, and more!

Schedule for Spartan Pride Week

Monday 10/22

SPIRIT DAY: Generations

Seniors: Senior Citizens Ex: suspenders, glasses, collared shirts

Juniors: Work Force (Dress as your Dream Job) Ex: ties, professional athletes, teachers

Sophomores: College Ex: college sweatshirts

Freshmen: Babies/Kids Ex: baby blankets, pigtails, superhero shirts

LUNCH TIME ACTIVITY: Sponge Splash Relay

Volunteers will place a sponge in a bucket of water, fill it up with the water, run across the quad to an empty bucket and drain the sponge. Then run back and repeat this process until a team's bucket that was empty is full and their first bucket is empty. Each round will be 2 minutes long and this will be a class vs. class competition, meaning you should come out and support your grade!

Tuesday 10/23

SPIRIT DAY: Salad Dressing Day

Seniors: Caesar (Togas) Ex: toga (remember dress code applies)

Juniors: Ranch (Western) Ex: flannel shirts, cowboy hat

Sophomores: Thousand Island (Tropical) Ex: hawaiian lei, board shorts

Freshmen: Oil & Vinegar (Mismatching/Clashing Clothes) Ex: stripes with polka dots


Get ready for some class versus class rivalry!!! Come out to the quad during lunch to test your potato sack racing skills.

Wednesday 10/24


Seniors: Smart Water (Nerds) Ex: Glasses, button up shirt, high socks

Juniors: Fiji (Tropical) Ex: hawaiian lei, board shorts

Sophomores: Vitamin Water (Work out clothes) Ex: yoga wear, bright colors, headbands

Freshmen: Gatorade (Sports Teams) Ex: Giant's jersey, 49ers jersey

LUNCH TIME ACTIVITY: During lunch you can come out to the quad to play/race in an inflatable obstacle course hosted by Leadership. Winners will receive hot chocolate!

Thursday 10/25 - Throwback Thursday

Come out to the quad during brunch to test your strength at a Tug-of-War competition with your 2nd period class!

(Ask your 2n period teacher if he or she has signed up your class.)

CLASS FLOAT BUILDING will start at 4 and end at 8. Come at any time and help your class construct your Spartan Pride float.


Seniors: 80’s Ex: bright colors, sequins

Juniors: 70’s Ex: disco wear, bright colors

Sophomores: Sixty's Ex: polka dots

Freshmen: 50’s Ex: poodle skirts, rolled up jeans, white v-neck (Greece)

LUNCH ACTIVITY: Doughnut Dangle (Yum!)

A large string will have strings with doughnuts attached at the ends. Volunteers will be blindfolded and will try to eat the doughnut off of the strings.

The JV Spartan Pride football game will be held at our field after school at 3:15.


Friday 10/26 - Spartan Friday

Although this concludes our Spartan Pride Week, we've got a lot in store for Friday!

SPIRIT DAY: Blackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellow!

Rep our school colors! Ex: Black and yellow face paint with a black shirt with a yellow head band with black shorts with one yellow sock, one black sock, one yellow shoe, and one black shoe.

Today is a schedule F, so after school ends at 12:30 come check out some awesome people, our amazing class floats, and much more at the SP Parade at 12:45.

After the parade (at 1:00PM) you can head over to the soccer field where there will be a Spartan Pride picnic, with food, sports and fun inflatables galore!


At night, we will have our very first-in the history of MVHS and Awalt-NIGHT GAME. Come to our home field to support our Varsity football team play Homestead at 7PM!
*Sparta Cup: By winning class vs. class competitions in rallies or other activities you can increase your number of Sparta cup points. The class that has the most points at the end of the year wins an ice cream social (free ice cream for your class- worth it).

If you're trying to win sparta cup points, come out to the quad or the back parking lot (bpl) during brunch and an ASB representative will tally you.