Where I Want to Live: California

Why Cali' Is The State to Live In

CA-Introduction to Greatness

First off, every aspect of California has been prospering so far. Crime is going down, the economy is in the top 10 best economies IN THE WORLD (only state to do so), and it's very warm most of the time! They may not be the best at everything, like their not too impressive unemployment rate, but let's say Cali' has "perfect imperfections." Now, here come the facts about California versus other places.

How California Stacks Up Against the Competition

California seems to excel in many areas compared to other places. When compared to my home state of New Hampshire and a region of Canada, Quebec, California is not the best in every are out there, but it does have a lot of characteristics that would make it an enjoyable place to live, like its warm climate. Many issues addressed and compared:


California-warm summers, mild spring and autumn months with a gentle but rainy winter. Warmest near coast in the summer where average temperature in a city like San Francisco is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures go even higher in the summer to 109 degrees Fahrenheit in San Bernardino. Like the rest of California, the average low in winter in San Bernardino is 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quebec-severely cold winters and possibly extremely hot summers. Winter's average temperature is -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Chilly!

New Hampshire-mild summers with cooler spring and autumn seasons but particularly cold winters. The average temperature in winter is about 33 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer the average is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, lower than California.

California seems to reign supreme here because of how it tends to stay warm all the time, while the other two are cold at points. Unless you're into that.


California-not the best, in 2012 had around 7500 violent crimes per 100,000 people

Quebec-better crime rate, around 5000 per 100,000 people

New Hampshire-NH owns this category because it is on of the safest states to live in, ranking #1 on comcast.net's crime report (yes, comcast did a crime report, surprised me too).

Cali' lacks in this area mainly because of its vast population, but crime rates have been lowering.


California-IN THE TOP TEN BEST ECONOMIES IN THE WORLD! BEAT THAT NH! It is at number 8 in the ranking of best country economies. The whole United States, China, Japan, France, and a few other countries have better economies that California. But only 7 countries. Has a GDP of 1,891,363,000.

Quebec-strong economy, could be better. Is number 6 out of the 13 provinces of Canada when ranked by gross domestic product. The GDP is $357,859,000.

New Hampshire-focused on manufacturing, not good in terms of GDP. In 2009, NH ranked 41 out of all the states in terms of GDP. It's GDP is $59,400,000.

California easily, easily has the best economy of the three. It beats out many countries even though it is only one single state!

Income and Property Values

California-household income per person is an average of $61,000, home value average of $403,700

Quebec-$68,000 household income but has a $264,217 average property value

New Hampshire-$64,000 average household income per person but an average of $245,000 property value

California has a lower than average household income, but an unbelievably high property value. This can show the houses there are not cheap in quality.

Racial Makeup

California-White: 40.1%. Hispanic: 37.6%. Asian: 12.8%. Other: 9.5%.

Quebec-Canadian: 60.1%. French: 28.8%. Irish: 5.5%. Italian: 4.0%. Other: 1.6%.

New Hampshire-White: 92.3%. Hispanic: 2.8%. Asian: 2.1%. Other: 2.8%


California-45% religious. 27.89% Catholic. 55% atheist.

Quebec-83% Catholic. 4.7% Protestant. Other: 12.3%.

New Hampshire-35% religious. 24% Catholic. 65% atheist.


California-walking on the many beautiful beaches, biking, any outdoors sport because of climate

Quebec-hockey, limited amount of sports because of cold

New Hampshire-most sports that you want to play but can be cold to play in winter

You can do almost all activities you want in California. Even the winter ones are present like hockey.


California-you can play whatever you want here. They have many professional teams, have held the Olympics 3 times in Los Angeles, and have teams for baseball, football, hockey and others.

Quebec-major sport is hockey. Not many others, but curling is one of them.

New Hampshire-almost all sports you want to play you can, but baseball is a major one here.


California-income tax rate is 12.3%. Banks have a 10% tax.

Quebec-income tax rate is up to 29% when you make over $136,270.

New Hampshire-no income tax or sales tax at all.

New Hampshire is better than California in terms of taxes. Them having no sales or income tax makes it much easier on the citizens. But, California doesn't have an insane property tax when compared to New Hampshire. NH to CA tax rate: up to 5% per year to 1% of the full cash value of the property.

Unemployment Rate

California-8.0% in Feb 2014.

Quebec-8.8% in Feb 2014.

New Hampshire-4.7% in Feb 2014.

Okay, so Cali has a not so good unemployment rate. It is going down though. In January of 2013, California's unemployment rate was 9.8% so it is going down.

Cali' is a very warm place that has happiness everywhere you go.

Movement: Why California is Where I (and others) Should Live

California exceeds in a decent amount of areas compared to other places. It is a beautiful state that rarely is ever cold. It may not be the best in every single area, but that's alright because it makes up for it's downfalls in other areas. It is a well rounded state that has an amazing economy, tropical climate, and happy citizens that love where they are. Migration to California may be a little challenging because some hotels are even as expensive as $150 a night at the Cova Hotel in San Francisco. Also, the property values are very high (shown by the $403,700 average property value) which can dishearten travelers. But, if you have enough money for this, then living is well worth it. Globalization has affected California because of how most beaches and bodies of water are towards the coast, where most people live. Not as many live on the other side which is far away from water. Also, many tend to live in the South because Northern California is close to Canada the colder area.
What's it like to live in California?

California: Final Reasoning

California is just such an amazing place that should not be passed up. It boasts many strong facts and statistics that help show it is a great place, particularly the climate and economy. Living here would be fun, walking around the beaches and having constant interaction with other people. One place in particular where interaction is common is the lively Venice Beach, where beauty is shown in its look. California is the place to live in, compared to all these other cold areas.

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