Thunderblast Weekly

September 19, 2021

Enthusiastic Optimism

If the season were to end after last week, our home team would have taken the division! I know what you are thinking... too early to make any predictions. Well, week after week at Seneca, we continue to report out good news on a very solid start to the year. There are so many places to find success everywhere we look. Check out some of the good news below as our August predictions ring true!
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COVID Updates

There are approximately 82,000 students in LCPS. As of 9/14/21, we have had only 7 transmissions throughout the entire county. These low transmission rates have led to a reduced quarantine period from 14 days to 10. Working together, communicating, wearing masks, and avoiding risks are key factors to our success.

Free COVID tests at

Seneca still has ZERO positive cases in the building and the very few quarantines have been due to transmission outside of Seneca. We have 4 students quarantining and one in isolation. We continue to believe that our lunch and recess protocols have been a major contributor to these numbers. Thank you so much to those who have volunteered thus far!

We will be adding a new wrinkle to the Lunch Volunteer Sign-Up. We are hoping to have our parents who sign up on Fridays help manage students at the Bolt Buck Store. 8th grade students run the store during 6th and 7th lunch shifts, so support is supervision only. During 8th grade lunch, we would need you to give out the treats. We'll see how this week works before we decide to add a third volunteer on Fridays.

Parent Coffee

The next parent coffee will be on Friday, September 24, 2021 from 11:00 -11:45 AM. I realized that with COVID mitigation, the coffees will need to start prior to the lunch shifts. Topics covered will be clubs and activities, COVID, Schoology, our fundraiser, the opening of school, and upcoming events.

Please post your thoughts on this Question and Answer Form so we can prepare. Join us using this GOOGLE MEET LINK.

PBIS- Staff of the Week

Mr. Moore, thank you for volunteering to do 3 different clubs, one on each day, to start off the year! It is a huge time commitment, and it fits our mission to get as many students interested in Seneca outside the curriculum. Nicely done!
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PBIS - Students of the Week

8th Gr: Eli Pak

7th Gr: Victoria Rincon

6th Gr: Geovanny Barrera-Rivera

Congratulations, Eli, Victoria, and Geovanny! As we get our new flow down, we will be having pictures and Chick-fil-A coming your way this week. Great work demonstrating our CORE values and earning Bolt Bucks!

Speaking of Bolt Bucks, the store is open on Fridays at the bus loop at lunch. I love that 8th grade students are taking OWNERSHIP and running the store for 6th and 7th grade lunches. Check out some picts below.

Seneca Spirit Award- Joann Antonelli

You know I love Seneca. Well, to have a 6th grader like Joann come in and demonstrate her spirit by OWNING her THUNDERBOLT pride and painting what we all know to be true, warms my heart. Joann, thank you for embracing your middle school right off the bat!
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Clubs and Activities are Back!

100s of students stayed after school this week for a wide array of clubs and activities. Here are some highlights, although it is by no means an inclusive list.

  • 860 of our students signed up for one or more clubs through advisory a week ago.
  • Activity buses departed Seneca at 4:45 on Monday. For a first run, that was pretty good.
  • Clubs like anime normally have 10-15 participants. This week, they had 50!
  • On the first day of soccer tryouts for the Battle of Route 7, we had 65 students show up!

Check out our CORE Champions in 8th grade beautifying our hallways and stretching prior to soccer tryouts below. Let's keep the good times rolling by continuing to get involved!

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Unified Mental Health Team (UMHT)

*We hope you can join Loudoun County’s VA Chapter of the Links, Incorporated presentation on issues affecting teen mental health.

Date: Tuesday, September 21st

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Location: Virtual

To view more details and to register, please click Mental Health Awareness Webinar “How Did I Miss That?

*Looking to get the COVID vaccine. A COVID Vaccine Clinic is now open at the Dulles Town Center. Please click here for more details and to make an appointment.

Social Media

There is a challenge currently on Tik Tok where students steal and destroy school property called "Devious Lick." Luckily, our students demonstrate CORE values showing OWNERSHIP and pride in our building; EMPATHY for our custodians and security/admin team who would need to clean up and investigate; RESPECT for property; and last but not least, CONFIDENCE to tell their peers we will not be doing these things at Seneca. Please continue to have these conversations at home and know that students who do partake in this vandalism will be meeting with our School Resource Officer, Deputy Iverson, in addition to providing service and restitution. Below is a picture from Tik Tok, but not Seneca.
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Confiscated Bikes

If students ride their bikes to school, they are required to lock them up. We have locks for those in need. In 12 years as an administrator, I have wasted so much time on cameras and bike investigations due to failure to lock them up. If a student does not lock them up, we will take them and secure them. We currently have the following bikes. Please see an administrator so we can return them and help to educate about this important responsibility.
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PTO Corner

Free Webinar Opportunity:

Dr. Cameron, Family Coach
October 19 at 6PM - Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to participate in a free webinar with Dr. Cameron, titled: "How to calm the teen drama" - This session will be presented via zoom. Seats are limited. Click on this link to register and to learn more about Dr. Cameron and the details of the webinar.

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