2015 in review

My Opinions

In my opinion brands/companies that marketed themselves as the best and why?

Nike- Nike has used their products on famous athletes and used the "Just do it" campaign that has proved to work for them in the past. Using new trends like big butts and my favorite the unrealistic idea of a man or a female and how their body should look. Personal fitness is of course on some people's mind, but looking at these "perfect" people, I feel as if people look at this and self "hate" themselves because they don't look like that and buy the fitness product to use to make themselves look into what perfect is defined as in society. I'm not hating on Nike I love their products and use them myself, but I fell into that mind set and with the increase in percentages of eating disorders in teenagers and young adults I think this is one of the many images people want to look like.

Victoria Secrets- Victoria Secrets' also an old company that is known for their fashion shows and highly loved lingerie line. As they do every year the fashion show is what I believe is a major factor in their sales. Looking sexy and comfortable as the models are naked on the TV and in ads. As I said before with the Nike issue, they have these "perfect" models that look sexy and beautiful wearing the lingerie which I believe that helps the sale of the products. From women around me that wear their expensive products say that they are not "long lasting," but keep buying the product to please their partner. I do use these products like the lotions and perfume because I love the smell and helps me, someone that struggles with eczema, help clear up my dry skin somewhat. The bras are not my favorite I bought them because I wanted to look like the models if I bought this item, if that makes any sense. I love the Genie bra, (no I'm not hired to market their bras) they are actually very comfortable.

Mac- Popular brand of make-up, fragrance, primer + skin care, and brushes + tool. Their marketing style is something I am extremely fascinated with because it's cool in my opinion. They market themselves as the best for saying it's long lasting, bold, and good quality for models and such. In the commercials or ads the model's makeup is exotic and unusual with the funky colors. The colors make a statement if anything and that's what people usually want. It is very expensive, but I feel as if it's worth every cent and they really don't make it as if you will become pretty if you wear this, no it's just simply stating the looks you can do and not selling their product to self conscious girls that are intimidated by the "perfet" models.

*Note: This is the business world and CEOs are willing to use these methods to sell their products because they are run by greed.

The best two fashion or beauty products introduced in 2015? What are the two worst?

The Best Products:

Come Clean-This is a cleanser and a moisturizer made by Sephora and is incredible from every other cleanser I've used. I have horrible acne and very oily skin, so adding makeup to the disaster called my face was a bad idea. Before I would get so much acne I would refer myself as pimple face and you were probably able to play connect-the-dot. I gave up on makeup which I hated because without makeup I look sickly, but my acne was uncontrollable. My friend recommended this to me and he swore it worked to my surprise it did. I have had my problems with Sephora products and I thought I could never find something in there that could impress me. Come Clean was a lifesaver for me being a freshman in high school that already was self conscious. My acne got WAY better than it was a year ago and when I use it my face feels clean which others' couldn't.

Saving Face- "The love child of BB cream and a CC cream," it is the absolutely the best because for girls like me I need a lot of foundation and this is lightweight foundation felt way better than any other one. If you think about it you put on primer, foundation, blush, and a blender to make it all look natural is a lot of makeup with heavy foundation because you feel gross or at least I do. Just one change in my makeup routine made me feel less gross and artificial.

The two worst products:

Bright Light- It was a complete waste of your money and barely worth ten dollars, but 48 dollars geez! I need a foundation to cover some scars up and it did not no matter what shade I bought or blush I put on it just highlighted the area. My friends and family that tried this was extremely disappointed in this product and threw it out instantly. I hated it because it wasn't lightweight it did not improved the or fade into my skin color. I was very anger to buy this item hearing only good stuff about only to turn out it was a complete waste.

Party Lines- To be fair I probably didn't put it on right, but would clump up and get caught in my eyelashes. People really loved this product, but I didn't think it had good quality and highly exaggerated. My family members love this product and wear it to special occasions to make their eyes pop and it looked good (kind of) I was unimpressed.

This is made by the same people, but I couldn't find an available pictures of any of the products I talk about sorry for the inconvenience. I have pictures of what they sort of look like or the same product but it's not the actually makeup I'm talking about.
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Who were the top two models of 2015? How were they marketed?

I feel like the Jenner's or Kardashian's would sadly not make it into this years top two because styles of clothing I didn't agree with or find appealing on them and on anyone else for that matter and they lose credibility for wearing that. I am choosing two rising female models that haven't been around for several years like others.

Number one would be Chanel Iman because she's very natural no fake stuff which is I guess better than adding to the stereotypes that bigger body parts is better. She's been a model for Ford's vehicles and on cover girl.

Number two would be Anne Vyalitsyna and she is known for her hair, body, and charity work. Marketing for fragrances and popular clothing which is reasonable, but maybe I have high standards for people in the public eye.

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Chanel Iman

She's very beautiful and natural, I had many pictures to choose from but I'm keeping this school appropriate since this is a school project.
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Anne Vyalitsyna

It is unclear where this photo was taken, but this was her a few months ago back when it was 2015...

Top two musical artists and how they influenced the fashion industry.

Black veil brides- I've seen a lot of people wearing black leather jackets and boot with the band's symbol on their shirt. They paint their face, dye their hair black, and get piercings to make a statement. Goth, punk, or emo is something's people who dress like that prefer to be called that and have dark nicknames. I think this is probably the longest style that's ever stayed because this band and others like them make this cool. If my mother would let me I would join this crowd it's kinda cool!

Brantley Gilbert- Brantley is a rock/country singer that walks around in camouflage and a black leather jacket. He's hardcore with his big rings and tattoo sleeves that make country music badass. Country folks wear this kind of stuff, but it slowly is coming into the city populations with just camouflage and then the leather stuff.

Brantley gilbert

If you look at more recent photos you'll see more tattoos.

Black Veil Brides

This is the goth look that may have come from them from stealing it from bands like Kiss.

Top Five Golden Globe awards fails of 2015

  1. Melissa McCarthy
  2. Claire Danes
  3. Kerry Washington
  4. Jemima Kirke
  5. Tina Fey

My 2016 New year's resolution

Personal improvement: I am going to lose a lot of weight and hopefully gain a lot of muscle with that.

Family and Friends: I am going to try to establish a relationship with my dad, stepmom, and half sister.

School and the outside world: I'm going to try to use my past experiences to help people who are going through what I went through.