Niedermeier News

April 14, 2020

Y5-4th Grade Learning for Remainder of the School Year

Below are the guidelines that were developed and approved that will be used to guide our student learning for the remainder of the school year. The information below goes deeper into the information communicated yesterday from Mr. Krimmel specific to our elementary students. This same information is being communicated to all elementary school parents in Airport Schools.

Please continue to look for information from your child's teacher regarding work, processes, etc., and also be sure to take time to carefully read through the information below. It contains information as to where and when to pick up and turn in materials and many other specifics important to this process. Instruction begins this week, however, the first pickup for work will begin a week from today, Tuesday, April 21st, but always look for communication from your child’s teacher to guide this process, as that is only one method of instructional delivery.

Airport Community Schools Guidelines for Student Learning

Starting on April 13, 2020 Airport Schools will be providing a routine for remote learning. This learning may look different for each child depending on their learning styles. Our teachers will be able to deliver instruction/resources through multiple modes; which include digital, blended, and hard copy. The work teachers are preparing for students must be completed and will be used to determine if credit is granted. These will be reported as a pass/fail (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) on the final report card.

The process/routine your child will follow to receive instruction includes email, phone, paper copy, and digitally. Some teachers may create an electronic process (pictures, scanning, Google Classroom, etc.) to provide daily instruction. If your child requires packets, each elementary building will have bins located in the entrance lobbies. The bins will be labeled with your child’s teacher’s name. Your child will have an envelope in that bin that will include their packet of work for the week. The “new” work will be available for pick-up on Tuesdays of each week and expected to be completed and returned to the bins by the following Tuesday of each week. If you are unable to come to the school to pick-up/drop-off work, please call/email to make other arrangements. You can notify us of your need by using the appropriate link below:

Eyler Elementary:

Niedermeier Elementary:

Ritter Elementary:

Sterling Elementary:

Young 5’s:

Daily Learning Time: 60 minutes

Daily Learning time can include:

• 5-minute increments

  • hands-on activities between instruction

  • imaginative play

  • creative arts

  • music and movement

  • outdoor exploration

  • Exercise

  • fine/gross motor activities

Extending Learning Options

• 30-60 minutes of outdoor play

• 10-20 minutes of reading with family (books of their choice)

• 90+ minutes of imaginative play

KG, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade:

Daily Learning Time: 5-10 minute time spans, a total of 90 minutes

Daily learning time can include:

• Reading

• Online work

• Handouts or other learning activities

• P.E., art, music, etc.

• Social-Emotional Learning

3rd and 4th Grade:

Daily Learning Time: 10-15 minute time spans, a total of 120 minutes

Daily learning time can include:

• Reading

• Online work

• Handouts or other learning activities

• P.E., art, music, etc.

• Social-Emotional Learning

Office Hours:

Teachers will be available, electronically, for additional academic support at consistent, established hours during the day. They will communicate the best times with you. The building principals will also be available by email for any questions you may have.

Eyler Principal, Steve Krause:

Niedermeier Principal, Angel Mensing:

Ritter Principal, Dawn Spears

Sterling Principal, Aaron Currier