Balanced and Unbalanced ?

By: Della. G and Callie.P

Balanced, What Is That

A balanced force is when an object does not move because on both sides it has the same force. For Example, a book on a table does not move because it has the same amount of force on each side and creates 0 N (Newton)


An unbalanced item is when there is different amounts of force on the items side, like when your going back and forth, you, the object is unbalanced. Or when a book is falling it is a unbalanced force, because there is more force on one side than the other

Balanced and Unbalanced forces

Balanced and unbalanced forces are different because a balanced force has the same amount of force on each side, while an unbalanced force has different force amounts on each side.

They are the same because they are both working with forces.

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