How to Locate Phone From Number

How to Find the Current Location of a Phone By Number

How to Track Lost Mobile with IMEI Number

If you keep on receiving calls from an unfamiliar number and you want to know where this number is calling from or, more importantly, you want to know where your loved ones are, using only their phone’s location, you might want to let today’s technological tools assist you in doing that.

With the advances in the Global Positioning System or GPS and the existence of applications that were developed with the specific function of tracking down phone numbers, you can locate out where a call was made even if the unknown caller used a phone that isn’t online or connected to the Internet. Some of these tracking applications use the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number that is assigned to every mobile phone that is using the most recent protocol for mobile technology. This IMEI number is unique in every mobile phone, thus, tracking a mobile phone by using this number is a possibility nowadays.

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How to Track Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

The Internet or the World Wide Web itself can be a great way of finding out the owner of the unknown number that has been calling you. There are online services that have the specific purpose of tracking an unknown phone number’s owner. You just have to become a member of these services and enter the unknown caller’s number and wait for the result to show.

Other online services allow you to track the home address linked to the number of unknown callers. This is possible because these types of online services can scan and search public records of businesses and individuals as well. These online search methodologies are very useful if you can’t use GPS, and find who is the owner of the unknown number is just a step away to find out where is this owner’s location.

Further, social media network applications are also great tools in finding the owner of an unknown number because usually, a number is required to make an account or profile with these social media network applications. The databases of these social media network applications are huge due to their popularity, with many people coming from different countries as millions of accounts and profiles are known to have been registered.

If you made use of one of these social media network applications and got a hit on the number you used to search your unknown caller, it is highly probable that the caller’s profile will include his or her name and address.

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How to Trace Calls for Free

There are also other options if you are trying to track unknown phone numbers by using your very own mobile phone, regardless of the operating system your mobile phone is running. Some applications are already installed on your phone right out of the box or available for you do download through an online site accessed exclusively by your mobile phone’s operating system. Some of these applications allow you to track phone numbers that you receive via your mobile phone by showing you the number’s name, location, and type.

Lastly, if you’re getting threatening phone calls from an unfamiliar number coming from an unknown caller, wherein you feel that you and your family’s safety is compromised, you can always call the police and report this incident. Give the authorities, all the details of these calls right from the first time you got these kinds of calls. You might be surprised how these government law enforcement agencies worked because not many people know that these agencies have the expertise, knowledge, and tools not ordinarily available to people outside of law enforcement.

Tracking a caller’s location based on the caller’s phone and the number is one of the many expertise of these law enforcement agencies. Also, when your situation requires it, government law enforcement agencies can ask the assistance of courts to subpoena people, information, and records not readily available to the public to help you with your situation and locate a phone from the number.

Unwanted phone calls can be annoying, but you can do something about it by remembering and applying these methods and techniques.