Thirsty Dog

Dream like a Pro, Drink like a Pro

About Thirsty Dog

This flyer was made by a middle school student for a class project. Thirsty Dog is a company out of Lubbock, Texas. There are many places that you can get a Thirsty Dog sports drink. Such as Midland, Dallas, Austin, and Abilene, Texas. Many professional athletes drink Thirsty Dog while playing. One professional athlete is the two time NBA Finals MVP LeBron James. Thirsty Dog Company had made four different flavors such as cherry, lemonade, grape, and watermelon.

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Places to get Thirsty Dog

Places to get this drink are at any store in Lubbock, Midland, Dallas, Austin, and Abilene, Texas. Don't worry we are starting to make this into a world-wide drink. So in a few weeks we will have it in 35 states and 2 countries. Thirsty Dog will update when Thirsty Dog drink has gone world-wide.