Remember When...

August seems so long ago...

Doesn't it? To me, it feels like we've been in school for much longer than a week. I love how quickly our students step right back into the routines of school, and our kinder kiddos are learning those routines quickly! I thought a quick stroll down memory lane (way back to two weeks ago) would help us remember the excitement of the first days of school!

Chocolate River

Teamwork! Strategy! And, for me, actually knowing and understanding the rules! What did we learn about rigorous instruction from this exercise?

QR Codes

Did you know that some third grade teachers will be using videos and QR codes in their classes today?


Remember to schedule these to check out for your class. There are lots of people on campus to help if you're not sure you remember how to get started.

Smore Pages and Smart Recorder

Some of our colleagues have already sent home e-newsletters using Smore! Ask around and see how people are using this awesome tool!


What do you remember from the conversations we had about ensuring our students have access to the very best instruction?


Omelets in a bag?! Really?! Yes, really! And they were yummy, too!

Go! Go! Go!

I super duper love this photo! What if we cheered each other on every single day just like this? What if we're always cheering on our students this way? Go Mustangs!