A series of Unfortunate Events


The book was fill with a family with very unfortunate luck. A Series of Unfortunate Events is about three children named Sunny, Claude, and Violet Baudelaire. Three children who used to be so cheerful, you just couldn't describe it. Suddenly their parents died in a fire. Without a choice, they had to be in the hands of their uncle, Count Olaf.Everyday Count Olaf would give them the most dreadful chores to do every single day . He would try to find secrets to the fortune their parents left them. With all their might, the children use their special skills to find out what really happened to their parents. Was it a set up? Or was it just an unexpected accident? The story continues and reveals secrets.
This book was a uniqe read and i would gladly recomend it to anyone. I hope i can fine out more about the lifes of these kids in the next books in the seris, The genre of it was Gothic fiction, Mystery and i give it a 4 stars.