Shepard Elementary

Week of September 30, 2019

October is Here!

October brings with it the beginning of the fall/winter holiday season. I love to see all of the pumpkins start to come out on front porches and the pumpkin spice latte back at Starbucks!

This month we have many school events to look forward to:

Book Fair

Dennis Lee

The First Pride Rally

Red Ribbon Week

PTA Fun Run

Pumpkin Day in First Grade

Special shout-outs to all the wonderful people who helped cover/divide classes/helped with testing this week! Some days are harder than others to get subs and we always manage to make it work when we are short a sub (or two)!

Also - whoever the magic fairy is who leaves smelly soap in the staff bathroom - THANK YOU!


Week of September 30:


Tuesday: SafeSchools Videos due: Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention & PISD Attendance Reporting; Stephanie's Wedding Shower at 3:30

Wednesday: Kristin and Kate out for leadership meeting; PDH until 5:30

Thursday: 9:15 PTA Board Meeting

Friday: FMA; Fire Drill

Week of October 7:

Monday: Dennis Lee at 1:30; Kristin out all day - school business

Tuesday: Kristin out all day - school business

Wednesday: Team Leader meeting

Thursday: Kate out AM for Student Management meeting


To Do

1. Make sure to keep the Safe Schools spreadsheet updated as you complete videos. The next videos are due Tuesday, 10/1/2019 (Youth Suicide and Attendance).

October Birthdays!

Looking forward to a fabulous birthday month:

October 3: Emily Rodriguez

October 5: Sue Lenihan

October 10: Kathy Seal

October 16: Doris Dale

October 21: Diana Love

October 31: Julie Lazcano

Big picture