AISB MS/HS Library

Special Edition! Using OverDrive to checkout e-books

Special Edition

We have OverDrive!

- Check out e-books from the library and read them on your device

So far, we have almost 100 titles:

- Classics that can be checked out by many people at once (Duke Classics)

- Popular fiction for one user at a time

- Audiobooks (only six so far...we can get more)

- Classics in pdf form via Project Gutenberg

What books do we have?

What devices can I use?

Short answer: Anything with a browser (internet connection)!

Long answer:

Chrome: Android, iOS, Mac OSX+, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, Linux

Firefox: Android, Mac OSX+, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, Linux

Safari: iOS, Mac OSX+, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8

Android Browser: Android phones and tablets (v2.3+)

Internet Explorer 10: Windows 7+

Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9: Windows XP, Vista, and 7

Kindle Silk: Kindle Fire and Fire HD

NOOK Browser: NOOK Color, Tablet, HD, and HD+

How do I start?

Get your VeraCross Number!

Faculty Directions:

Your VeraCross number shows at the end of your profile link.

Search for yourself in VeraCross. See the link?

For example: number

Student / Parent Directions:

email Mrs Ducharme or Mrs Steger or give a call. We can tell you your number.

2) Log in to OverDrive with your patron number to search the titles and find one you like. (Use P + your VeraCross number)

3) Choose the way you'd like to access the book. See the options below to decide which is best for you. For handheld devices you'll want the Media Console app.

- OverDrive Read

- OverDrive Media Console

- Download to your computer

OverDrive Read (Read on your computer)

Check out a book and read it right away, on your computer.

If you are accessing OverDrive on a handheld device, you can also read it this way via the internet browser.

To read on the computer, choose "OverDrive Read" when you borrow the book.

If you change to a new computer, just log-in to OverDrive again with your patron number. It will open to where you left off.

Note: You need an internet connection to read in OverDrive Read.

OverDrive Media Console (Read from anywhere)

The OverDrive app lets you read from your phone, tablet, or computer and will bookmark where you left off. Get the app for your iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire (see below)
Get the app: OverDrive Media Console

Borrow a book and it will appear on the bookshelf in your OverDrive Media Console

To read in OverDrive Media Console

Get the app (see above)

Create an abode account and an OverDrive One account. (Make them the same, perhaps the same as your other school-related accounts?)

Choose "find a library" and type in our school's name, and log-in with your patron number (P+VeraCross number). You can choose "remember on this device" if you want.

Check your bookshelf: the book you borrowed should be there. Download it as "EPub" and start reading.

Want audiobooks?

You'll need OverDrive Media Console. Download that onto your computer or your device. From there you can transfer the audiobook to your MP3 player, iTunes, or other players.

See the help video here if needed.

How long can I read? How many books can I borrow?

- Borrow THREE books at a time

- Keep each title TWO weeks.

* IF you finish the book early, please RETURN IT early *


If you have tried these directions, visited the help site, and watched the help videos and it's not working well for you, please email me:

Want more titles?

Request other titles you'd like to see in e-book format.

The full catalog is here. Please check to be sure OverDrive offers the book before you request it. Fill in the google form below and I'll let you know when it's "in".

Request Books in OverDrive

Be sure to choose ones that are available in the OverDrive catalog!