Of Mice And Men

Story Elements

The story Of Mice and Men is about two men named George and Lennie. This story takes place on a ranch back in the time of the Great Depression, where George and Lennie are working to get money to buy their own plot of land. This story opens with George and Lennie traveling to the ranch to work. So pick up the book to find out what happens next!

Character Analysis

Three words I would use to describe Lennie are, big, stupid and child like. The thing that motivates Lennie is tending to the rabbits at the land him and George are going to buy. I like Lennie because he is big but also child like at the same time. The relationship between George and Lennie is nice because they are always looking out for each other.


The theme of the novel is never give up. Some of the reasons for this theme is how Lennie and George never gave up on there dream of buying a plot of land. Another reason is Lennie never stopped trying to stay out of trouble, so George would let him tend to the rabbits, as well as how George never stopped trying to protect Lennie. And finally George never stopped believing in Lennie and standing up him for being so stupid.


If I was to rate this book I would give it a nine out of ten because despite me not being the biggest book lover I really liked it. I do think that teens can relate to this novel because like Lennie, we all do stupid things once in a while.