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Basics & How to's

Welcome back!

As you cozy back into the daily routines after a nice winter break here are the basics covered from the Fall SIG Leader training.
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Begin with planning events for the semester

  • What is your budget?
  • How are you going to be using it?
  • What did you not get to do last semester that you would like to accomplish now?

Plan all meetings, events, programs you want to host this semester and even next year!

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. If you're unsure if an event idea is possible always ask your CSLC Vice Chair!

Reserving a Room for Meetings

Who do I contact?

For general room reservation - Asya Pokrovskaya,

For additional equipment - Carrie Bierck,

How far in advance do I need to make the reservation?

At least one week prior but the sooner the better!

(space may not be available when you want it)

If you have regularly scheduled meetings plan and book room for all upcoming meetings.

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Budget Basics

Don’t spend more than your approved budget.

Any money that you spend that exceeds your CSLC approved budget will come out of your own pocket and will not be reimbursed by the school.

How to Budget

Assess previous years expenditures (if applicable)

Determine what you will be spending money on for the semester – events, meetings, printing

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Ways to spend your funding

Credit Card (highly recommended)

Purchase items with your own money

Reimbursement is possible however it may take a while. We recommend that you plan ahead and check out the credit card.

Checking out the Credit Card

How to:

Fill out form with front desk assistant in the Student Life Office to take card

  • MUST return credit card with ALL receipts
  • Record in SIG budget binder all expenditures to help you keep track of your budget and spending

Purchased Items

Any supplies, equipment, reusable items bought with SIG money must be returned to CSLC by the end of the year as it is CSLC/Cornish property


All fundraising must be approved by the CSLC Advisor, Carrie Bierck

If funding is approved, you will deposit all money raised into your SIG budget

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Event Planning

What is an event?

  1. Any gathering of your SIG outside of regularly scheduled meeting times
  2. Cornish community is invited to attend
  3. The risk of injury is outside the normal realm of simply holding a meeting on campus or surrounding areas

Why do an Event Proposal form?

To keep the SIG advisor in the loop – for safety and accountability

Help your SIG completely think and plan out event needs, potential risks and how to mitigate the risks

CSLC will help promote your event and get the Cornish community excited about supporting your SIG

Event Proposal Procedures

Event Proposal form is available in the Student Life Office and electronically. Email to request the electronic form.

Event Proposal must be turned into the CSLC Vice Chairs box in the Student Life Office at least one week prior to the event.

  • If your event is on a Tuesday, it should be turned in the Tuesday prior to your event.
  • If CSLC leadership is not in the office when you turn in your form please email to notify the Vice Chair that you have submitted a proposal.
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Semester Check-in

Meet with the CSLC Vice Chair at least once each semester that your SIG is active

The check-in will provide you with guidance and continued support as you work hard to make your SIG a success.

A final semester report will be due to the CSLC Vice Chair after your check-in.

Video - Kathryn Schulz: On Being Wrong

"Fallor ergo sum"

Kathryn Schulz, author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error (Ecco, 2011), thinks about making mistakes and being wrong for a living. She fancies herself a “wrongologist.” No joke. The longtime journalist and former Grist editor’s entertaining, erudite musings here explore why we should stop lambasting ourselves for our unavoidable fallibility and instead admit it, accept it and embrace it.

She says moments of surprise, reversal and wrongness are the very stuff of life. “This is life.” The bad news: We can’t escape our mistakes and failures. The good news: Owning up to them and coping with them forces us to come up with new ideas and strategies that just might work… or not. We’re pulling for the latter for you.

If last semester was a little rough for you, that is okay! Determine what it is you want for this semester and set your goals. Whatever happens is meant to happen and you will be better for it.

Have a wonderful and educational 2015.

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