Air Pollution

By: Jordyn Casey

Air Pollution Affecting Health

Air Pollution can lead to the following:

-Respiratory Disease and possible infections





-And even Lung Cancer (possible in children)

Air Pollution World-Wide

Air pollution is all around the world with various different levels of danger to them. Many places around the world have much air pollution causing many deaths and causing health levels to become hazardous

Where It's Coming From

Air pollution comes from many different sources, but there are a few main sources that can be fixed. 50% of all air pollution in urban cities mainly comes from motor vehicles, practically becoming the main source of air pollution all together. Other than that things like smoking, having chemicals produced, unsafe power plants, and other various things.

How to Prevent Air Pollution

There are very simple ways to reduce air pollution, ways like:


-Walking or riding bikes

-Using less chemicals that harm the Earth

-Stop smoking (or at least lesson how much you smoke)

-Drive at lower speeds

-Use friendly environmental materials

-Burn less fossil fuel

All of these things help and they're very easy to do; the Earth itself will become a better place, and your health will increasingly become better.

Future for Air Pollution

Air pollution has been around a very long long time, and it becomes worse and worse each day with the new inventions created. The car had always been the one that contributed the most with air pollution, and recently cars have been using less and less fossil fuels, which has helped the Earth. These new inventions could possibly be the answer to everything, air pollution wise, all along. And if we keep going the right way Earth, and our health, will become better and we won't have to worry too much about catching diseases, having lung cancer, and the possible other infections.

But if there is not enough action going on to help the Earth, then it will all go to waste. We have to protect the Earth and ourselves from letting air pollution (and any other pollution) ruin our lives. If we don't start taking steps in the right direction many things could change. Global warming is taking affect and could demolish many things, if we let it, so it's time to start taking action and keep our health, and the Earth, safe!