Public Service Announcement

Everyone Should Recycle


We need to recycle. If we don't then we will waste paper, metal, glass, and plastic. If we recycle those things we won't be wasting it and we will be making old paper, metal, glass, and plastic into better things!!!

cutting trees for no reason

We need to recycle because if we don't recycle like paper we will be wasting it. Then we will have to cut down more trees then we would of have too. Cutting down a lot of trees and destroying animals habitat just because we are wasting paper. Recycle paper Now!!!!

We could make Trash into Better Things

You can make a old can into to perfectly new soda can. We don't want to waste stuff if we can make it into better stuff by recycling it. Don't just throw it on the ground or in a trash can if it is metal, glass, paper/cardboard, or plastic.

Endangering Animals

By cutting down trees it destroys animals habitats like birds, squirrels, etc. If you destroy a animals habitat it could endanger an animal and maybe make then extinct. Do you wan't to make an animal extinct just because we are wasting paper instead of recycling.


Recycle or we will be wasting materials. I hope you now you will recycle because you know how important it is. Recycle!!!!!