Disappearance in the Graveyard

The Graveyard Book

Be Curious and Live Out Your Dream

Being curious has led humanity to all sorts of inventions we have today. The greatest minds in history would not be who they were today if they just sat there and did nothing. Being curious can be as little as wondering why the seasons change or why the snow falls. "I want to see life. I want to hold it in my hands. I want to leave a footprint on the sand of a desert island. I want to play football with people. I want, I want everything." This quote clearly shows that the character wants to reach out and grasp the life he was never able to live before. "There was a smile dancing on his lips, although it was a wary smile, for the world is a bigger place than a little graveyard on a hill; and there would be dangers in it and mysteries, new friends to make, old friends to rediscover, mistakes to be made and many paths to be walked." This quote tells of how the character is ready to jump out into the world and experience what it has to offer to the fullest.

Nobody Owens goes on a journey to love both Life and Death

Nobody Owens should have been a normal child. He is a bright kid, curious and brave, clever and kind. He would have been set for life, if he hadn't been the only survivor of his family's murder, if he hadn't been raised by ghosts, if he hadn't spent his whole life living with the dead and not the living. Bod goes on a journey to satisfy his curiosity, overcome school bullies, come to love his guardians, defeat his family's murderer, and lose a girl he thought would be his best friend. After always living under the constant fear of his attempted murderer, Bod is excited, scared and curious to live the life he never could, stepping out into the world with his eyes and heart wide open.

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is an incredible suspense writer, being the author of the bestselling Coraline and other short stories. He has also written the Sandman graphic novel series. He also wrote the script for the MirrorMask film. The Graveyard Book won the Newbery Medal, the Hugo Award for best novel, the Locus Award for best young adult novel, and the Carnegie Medal. Neil Gaiman was born in England but now lives in the United States.