Library News

May/June 2023

AP Study guides now overdue

Now that AP testing is done please have students return all AP study guides to the library.

All Library books due no later Than June 5, 2023

Library closed as of June 6, 2023

No student access before, during or after school

Overdue materials from previous school years

A large number of students still have materials from previous school years checked out. I'd like to get as many of those returned before June 9 in order to clear student records.

If a student still has books out from other schools, they can return them to the PLHS library and we will send them back to the schools they belong to.

Want to see what materials you still have out?

Click this link to go to PLHS Destiny link. Click login on top right. Enter student info (ID number and student password). Click My Info tab to see what is still checked out and any fines that may be due.


Students will be returning textbooks not needed for finals June 7, 8 & 9 via English teachers scheduled on those days. There can be NO EARLY TEXTBOOK RETURNS before these dates.

Before turning in textbooks please look through your books and remove any papers and sticky notes.

IMPORTANT - students must keep any materials needed for finals, including calculators. Students should then return these materials on the day of the final.

Students will be required to take any items needed for finals home.

Want to volunteer for textbook return

Click this link to find out how!


All items are required to be removed from lockers on or before June 9


All seniors are required to return computers on or before June 9. Computers must be returned with the charger. If the charger is not returned, there is a fee of $15 due.

9th, 10th and 11th graders will hold on to current computers until they graduate. Any student that has a loaner computer will need to return it on or by June 14.


All calculators are required to be returned on or before June 14 (last day of school)

Please do not hold onto them over the summer. We need to get an accurate inventory to ensure we will have enough for every student needing them in the fall.

Senior Clearance Slips

Beginning Friday, June 9th, seniors will be able to get SENIOR CLEARANCE SLIPS from the library once they are completely clear of all school debts (library materials, sports equipment/uniforms, financial office debts, etc.)