May 2014 Edition

Riding the SEAS!

Thank you for your patience as we have embarked upon the journey of transitioning to a new IEP system this year. Watch for a small token of our appreciation to appear in your building in the upcoming days.

In anticipation of additional IEP forms being deployed this summer, please make sure you have properly filed and archived your IEPs prior to leaving for summer break. This will ensure no data is lost during these transitions.

Transportation Requests

Transportation requests for the 2014-15 school year must be complete prior to the end of this school year. Utilize the attached Transportation Request and send all completed forms to Alex Burland ASAP . For students who are transitioning to the next level, Transportation Requests will be submitted by the student's sending case manager.

End Of Year Checkout!

Please review and complete the attached "Special Services End of Year Checkout Procedures." If you have questions, please contact your building coordinator or school psychologist.

Have a wonderful summer!

Extended School Year (ESY) Updates

Please send all remaining ESY enrollment forms to Melynda Kaifes and Transportation Requests to Alex Burland ASAP.

Case managers need to contact Melynda Kaifes if you have materials/equipment that will need to be transported and cannot be sent through interoffice mail.


Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 6th. We will be holding a one-day summer SPED Academy and hope to see you there. Extra Duty Pay will be provided to all staff who attend and are not on contract. Information regarding specific times and location will be sent to you via an Outlook Invite in the coming days.

AT TIP of the Week:

Remember: The AT Considerations Section of the IEP is a great place to communicate what the team plans to trial in the coming IEP year. Anything we add to the IEP as an accommodation or instructional support needs to have data to support the need, so a trial with data collection would be in order. This includes FM Systems, adaptive keyboards, Books in audio formats, etc.

Begin this process by communicating with the AT Facilitator and documenting a trial is planned in the AT Considerations of the student's IEP. Contact the AT Facilitator for additional help with the process.

Check This Out!

Look at FlexMath free standards-aligned and customizable educational resources for teaching Math. Algebra, Geometry and Mental Math-includes multiplication, division and fractions. Here is the link: http://flexmath.ck12.org/

Important Upcoming Dates:

May 17-High School Graduation Ceremonies

May 22-Last Day of School/End of 4th Quarter

May 23-Teacher Workday

May 24-Summer Break Begins!

May 26-Buildings Closed--Memorial Day