why you should have one!


hi mama and papa today I will be telling you about kittens and why we should have them even if you allergies.
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why i want one

the reason why I want a kitten is because first of all... companionship. as you guys already know I love animals and ever since I was small I always wanted a pet that I could play with and '' talk too ''. second reason why I want one is because they make me feel good and I feel really calm and relaxed around them.

why we should have one

I think it’s safe to say that everyone can at least appreciate a good kitten. What’s not to like about kittens? Especially since owning a kitten can decrease your stress level and also most people who have cats or kittens are known to live longer and that's a fact! plus there are kittens who don't have homes and there just there waiting to be adopted don't let them feel unwanted.
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what to do even if you have allergies

if you have allergies to cats or kittens don't worry I've got it all figured out. I found out a way to keep a pet even for people who have allergies. :

- wash and brush kitten every week

-make your room strictly OFF LIMITS

-not to bring it to close to you

-clean air daily

- put litter box in isolated area

- and if needed or wanted vacuum or mop

the impact on me

if you let us get this kitten then I will be very grateful and I will be doing many things :

- cleaning the house

- doing the dishes

- fixing the rooms

- cooking ( if mama wants )

- and other thing what ever you and mama want

how we are getting one

so the kitten is completely free nano got one for us from uzma aunty cause her cat had babies. nano will drop it off for us or we will pick it up.

thing we will need and the price

we will need :

a bowl = we already have

bed = we already have

food = 5-7$

litter box = 10.66$

litter= 4.93$

cat carrier= optional= 13$ or 17$

cat brush or hairbrush = 2-3$

= 20 - 30$ ( boxing day sale will make it less )

thank you for listening and i hope you undrstand why i want one and need one