Come to Athens!

We are smarta than Sparta!

Why Would You Side With Sparta?

Sparta. Loud, dumb, barbarians. Sparta has people that they just use to have them make goods in witch their soldiers would use, and not even call them real Spartans! Like hello? They just made all of that stuff for you! Anyways, there is literally no such point in siding with Sparta.

Become an Athenian!

We are smarta than Sparta!

Come join Athens, where we focus on education and not fighting like fools. Athen trade system is great, and we don't throw baby's out in the cold, like Sparta. Athens have something sort of like an internship. It is called serving. You can actually get paid for serving the council. When you serve, you observe!

Athens Can Win!

Can you seriously believe that Spartans only focus on military education. I know. It is stupid.

Why just focus on one type of education, when you can learn all of them! Think of how much you could accomplish with that type of smarts! Athens can win! Wait. Let me refries. Athens Will Win!

Who do you worship?

Athens worships Athena, the goddess of wisdom and bravery. While, Sparta worships Ares, the god of war and he is a total jerk.