Understanding Pre School Boys!

Montessori Garden Parent Education, Feb.25, 6:30-8:00PM

Do you have a Pre School aged boy?

Then ask yourself...

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the routines, timing, or power struggles with your son, but you feel like you've "tried everything" to get him to listen?

Are you looking for ways to teach resilience, self-regulation and self-knowledge to your child, but sometimes you just give in or give up?

Do you sometimes worry about what to do about pretend play that involves guns or weapons, or gets "a bit rough and tumble" because you feel torn about how to handle it?

Does your son seem to melt down even when what you are doing is supposed to be fun?

If any of these or other points of confusion are true for you then please join Alison Bower, certified Parent Educator, and your fellow parents for an evening of food, drink, and learning! The first step to supporting our children is understanding who they are RIGHT NOW. Boys of this age are managing a lot of information..fast! Together, we can help our sons satiate their curiosity, access their emotional language AND feel good about themselves in respectful ways. There will be food, drink, and learning. We hope to see you there!

Alison Bower and ParentsInMind.com

http://www.parentsinmind.com Alison Bower is an experienced teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and certified parent educator. Through working in schools, businesses and with private clients, she has seen that when there is proper parenting support, children do better, adults do better, and relationships are strengthened. Businesses and schools in which Alison has taught parenting classes include Starbucks, Expedia, The Gates Foundation, Giddens School, The North Seattle French School (for which she holds the position of Director), John Stanford International School, Ballard High School and more.